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Kayaking: Launch Destinations in Central CT


Kayaking Around Central CT

Perhaps one of the best investments I made in myself was to purchase a kayak. Now I have two so that I can easily convince a friend to come along to some awesome and serene places in CT without having to find a place to rent a kayak. 

Let’s explore some of Central CT’s best places to kayak! Below are a list of known launch sites in the area. If you know of others, share them with me so I can continue to grow my list! 

Collinsville Canoe & Kayak

Explore a small section of the Farmington River in Collinsville. Good for beginners, calm water and only a short distance to explore due to the rapids coming at you once you venture around the second bend. 

Aesop Meadows

Another stretch of calm water in the Farmington River located in Avon. 

Harbor Park 

Launch in Middletown and head into the CT River or the Mattabasset River from this large boat launch. 

Great River Park

Two locations (Berlin and Hartford) with the same name! Both require a pass so please check with the town first before launching your kayak or paddleboard. 

Windsor Meadows State Park

A pass is required to launch from Windsor Meadows State Park. 

Silver Lake 

Silver Lake in Berlin has room for everyone! With its calm waters, it’s guaranteed to be tranquil place to kayak or paddleboard. 

Salmon River

Kayak to and over the Leevill Dam while checking out all of the wildlife in and around the Salmon River. Boat launch is located in East Haddam, CT!

Saville Dam

Probably my most favorite places in CT to visit – I just recently learned that kayaking is allowed so I will be there this summer! Saville Dam is in Barkhamsted, CT. Please note you do have to pay to park your car.

West Hill Pond

Bigger than your average pond…West Hill Pond has a launch for kayaks in Barkhamsted. Enjoy a peaceful paddle! 

Bantam River

Located in Litchfield, kayak around the Bantam River – just watch out for boaters.

See You on the Water!

If you have other places you’d like to see featured here email me: and remember to be safe!

See you on the water!

Nichole Morrell

Nichole Morrell

Hey Central CT! I'm Nichole Morrell, a REALTOR at Turning Point Realty, LLC and a Bristol, CT native and current resident. I have a lot of knowledge about this amazing community and the surrounding towns and cities so if you live in the Central CT area or are thinking of moving here, you have come to the right place! Stay up to date with me on the latest Events, Restaurants, Outdoor Activities, Real Estate trends and more!
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