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Exploring Nature’s Majesty: Discovering Waterfalls in Central CT


Discovering Waterfalls in Central CT

Nature’s symphony of cascading water, lush foliage, and tranquil beauty awaits those who seek it. Connecticut’s picturesque landscape is adorned with hidden gems that captivate the senses and offer a respite from the ordinary. Among these treasures are the mesmerizing waterfalls that grace Central CT, gifting us moments of tranquility and awe-inspiring wonder.

Please note this is not a comprehensive list of all waterfalls in CT, rather, those located in Central CT.

Hartford County Waterfalls

Burlington Falls – Burlington

Visit between April and November to view the 15ft falls off of Hotchkiss Rd – be aware of No Trespassing Signs!

Cascade Along the Westledge Trail – Simsbury

Visit between April and November to view the 8ft waterfall off of Firetown Rd and the Westledge Trail. 

Cussgutter Brook Cascades – Bristol

The best time to visit this hidden gem is between April and May. These falls are located right next to Lake Compounce and drop over 80ft! Just follow the Blue Blazed Trail just outside of the Theme Park.

Jim Brook Falls – Canton

Visit between April and November  and find a 10ft drop waterfall. These falls are located within the Roaring Brook Nature Center on Gracey Rd. 

Mill Pond Falls – Newington

Best to visit Mill Pond Falls between March and May – these falls are formed from the waters of Mill Pond and are in a well maintained landscaped area. These are easy to view from the parking lot but since no hiking is required, get out and stroll up to them to soak in all of their beauty. 

Ragged Mountain Cascade – Berlin

April and May are the best months to view these falls, especially after a heavy rain. Follow the Blue and Red Blazed Trails off of West Lane in Berlin.

Waterfall on the Cathles Trail – Simsbury

April and May are the best months to visit the Waterfall on the Cathles Trail in Simsbury just off of North Saddle Ridge Dr. 


Litchfield County Waterfalls

Burr Falls – Torrington

Burr Falls is a 45ft chain of cascades that are clearly visible from Burr Mountain Rd but feel free to walk along the road to find the best views. 

Cascades Along the Falls – Barkhamsted

More challenging to see – between April and May you’ll need to scramble some rocks to get over to these cascading waterfalls in Barkhamsted located just off of East River Rd (Jessie Gerard Trail).

Falls on Madden Pond Outlet – Torrington

5ft cascades form during the Spring months of April and May just off of Newfield Rd in Sunnybrook Park. Just follow the trails within the park!

New Haven County Waterfalls

Mad River Cascades – Wolcott

Begin your moderate hike at Peterson Memorial Park and follow the blue-blazed trail to view the captivating cascades along the Mad River. 
Spruce Glen Falls – Wallingford
A beauty! The waterfall itself is only a 13ft drop but the way the water falls over the ledge makes this waterfall worth going to check out. It is best to view these falls in Spring; April to May.

Safety is a Top Priority!

As you embark on your quest to witness these remarkable falls, it is vital to take the necessary precautions. The safety of every adventurer is paramount, ensuring an unforgettable experience without any mishaps. Prioritize your well-being by adequately preparing and equipping yourself for the journey ahead!


For a full list of CT Waterfalls click here.

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Nichole Morrell

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